Take responsibility for yourself!

Its wise to remember that we are responsible for our actions but it doesn’t end there! We are also responsible for our thoughts which inevitably affect and lead to our actions. Can you imagine if we all paid attention to our thought life? Can you imagine after doing that we actually decided to be responsible for what we think and do as well! Surely we would positively affect our world!

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Pearls of Wisdom!

15 of Jan 2012

I am going to be 45 years old this June, and I would like to think that over time I have managed to obtain a lot more wisdom that I started off with! Admittedly some of it has come at a costly price, but as my husband always says, “A mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it.  It has therefore become my aim to learn everything I possibly can from each situation wasting nothing!  On my journey in life whatever I learn I would humbly like to share with you.