Real power!

26th of March 2013

Life doesn’t always have to be a loud and in your face display of fire power. Infact sometimes the real power is actually in restraint! Sometimes there is so much more in what actually looks a lot less!

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What greatness are you destined for?

11th of March 2013

Don’t let the gossip and chatter of other people in your life stop you or cause you to lose focus! When you have a goal or a dream learn to keep that always before you, and do not allow yourself to become distracted. Don’t allow people to talk you out of it, or allow their lack of enthusiasm or blatant opposition to affect what you are trying to do! You have authority over your own life, so go ahead and do all you set out to do. Why should you allow a few rumblings to determine the outcome of your life’s destiny?

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Wake up and smell the coffee!

There is something very wrong if you are in a relationship and the expectation is that only you give all the time, and all the other person does is take, take, take and still expects more and more from you with each passing day! Wake up and smell the coffee! Get out of there as fast as you can! The relationship is unhealthy and the person is a leech! Do not allow them to latch on to you and suck the very life from you and every good thing you have! Get that thing off your neck, and your life back in order before its too late and all you have left are regrets!