Can you vouch for each person in your life?

28th of January 2013

Can you vouch for every one in your life? Putting paranoia aside, do you get a gut niggling feeling about any one who has access to significant areas of your life? Watch out! Not everyone who smiles in your face has good motives for doing that, or good intentions towards you! Unfortunately some would gladly take the opportunity to stab you in your back when you least expect it! Don’t get caught out! The alarm bells are going off for a good reason, so its worth investigating exactly what is going on. It is worth learning that although there are some trustworthy people in your life, not everyone in your life can be trusted. Wisdom shows us and enables us to discern which is which! It is worth taking note. We can’t afford to be naive and get taken for a fool especially concerning life decisions that really count!

Beware of the dream thieves!

8th of Jan 2013

Unfortunately there are those who cannot handle when your life is a success! When you have stepped into your God given destiny and discover the reason you were born, when you are blessed and flying high on the excitement of having your life work out at last, beware that not everyone will be rejoicing with and for you. Not everyone will be wishing you well! Infact some will be seething with anger and jealousy, wondering “why them and not me!” If that jealousy remains unchecked, it could turn into hate. Suddenly what started off as a little twinge of jealousy can turn into an out of control raging fire! Beware of such people! They will try eagerly to steal your dreams and dampen your special moment to shine. ¬†Know that you don’t have to let them. Your life is not in their hands and they do not give you each breath that you take! Let it be as water off a duck’s back! Enjoy your moment and thank God that you are alive and moving on and forward. Those very same people will be left behind, and one day may have to hold their heads down in shame, when they consider the special gift you actually are to the world!