You can fail your way to success!

17th of September 2012

If you try something and fail, don’t lose heart or give up. You can actually fail your way to success by refusing to stop trying! Many great people have achieved success only because unlike their peers they tried and tried and tried even though success seem to evade them at first. Some put up with being laughed at and mocked and taken for a fool. The point is when these same people finally succeeded, their lives spoke louder than anything they needed to say! Take heart today and know that you were born to achieve great things!

Treat people right!


Be good to people and they’ll be good to you! Obviously within that in any relationship wisdom is needed. If and when people don’t treat you right, then do have the common sense to protect yourself , and walk away from destructive behaviour and patterns! People should be a blessing to you, and you a blessing to them. If ┬áthe time comes where the relationship is no more than a curse, perhaps its time to rethink things and get out!