What have you got to lose?

26th of June 2012

If you don’t change nothing will change. It will always be and stay the same. So if you’re dissatified with the way your life is going today, make the biggest change of your life. Start by initiating change in you first. Change the way you think, get yourself an unfamiliar perspective. Try something different. Try something new.  You may end up pleasantly surprised and seriously blessed! What have you got to lose?

What is your focus?

14th of June 2012

Sometimes you have to remember the good things in life on purpose. It is a lot healthier and easier to think about these things, and pour your energy into them than it is to focus and remember the bad which in the end will drain and depress you. It is always worth paying attention to what we are thinking about, sooner rather than later.

The versatile Blogger award!


I am so thankful to have been nominated twice by Marie from ‘Spirit Sisters,’ and awarded the versatile blogger award. I feel so blessed that my two blogs dianewilkie.wordpress.com and The marriage gift.wordpress.com have been so honoured. Marie I cannot thank you enough for your support! I am very happy to accept and receive this as it is such a privilege. Thanks again for thinking of me!

This award also requires me to tell you seven things about myself so here it goes:

1/  I Love Jesus Christ with all my heart!

2/ I am married to a Nigel a wonderful man and am mum to Luke and Sam, seven year old twin boys.

3/  I write autobiographies and have one published so far. ( Raj Jarrett’s ,The only arranged marriage)

4/  I work with the victims and survivors of domestic violence.

5/  When I was a child I lived in the Bahamas and then in Nigeria.

6/  I have always loved to write and have done so since I was a child.

7/  I love to sing and have done so in church.

I now nominate the following bloggers:

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