The awesome journey of discovering you!

17th of April 2012

There are things about you that you haven’t even discovered yet. You have gifts and talents that once discovered need to be acknowledged, nurtured and developed. So why not enjoy the awesome journey of getting to know yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised and others will become rich by discovering the real you, that emerges!

Draw your own line!

10th of April 2012

You may indeed admire many other people, and actually be inspired by others. However there is no point trying to be ┬ásomeone else. Each man must draw his own line in the sand and then stand there. It is wise to accept and embrace who you are and aim to be the best you…. you can possibly be! You are special and unique and your maker created you to be an original!

No one knows tomorrow!

3rd of April 2012

It is unwise to over estimate your own importance and become a legend but only in your own mind! One day you may wake up and find that you get a rude awakening because life actually does not revolve around you! Instead it is wise to live humbly because no-one knows tomorrow and what may seem sure today could turn out to be unpredictable tomorrow! But by the grace of God, go I……. and incidently the rest of the world too!