You are a gift to the world!

21st of February 2012

Did you know that you are a unique gift to the world? Bearing this in mind you are as precious and as rare as a  jewel with no price worthy, of even establishing your value and true worth! If you are able to believe and embrace this, then it is wise to refuse to accept, or tolerate any thing in your life that does not match up or meet the standard of treating you accordingly. A beautiful diamond is not just carelessly thrown down the toilet, nor are you just something someone found on the bottom of their shoe! So lift up those drooping shoulders and hold your head up high. Know that the people you encounter are blessed to know and have you. Refuse to settle for anything less! If you remember and walk in this, the chances are that others will have no choice but to adjust and accept you as you are, or move on and lose out on one of the greatest gifts that ever graced their paths!

Life is not all about You!

7th Febuary 2012

If you spend most of your life being self centred and selfish, believing that the world owes you something, and actually revolves around you, eventually you will come to find that is quite a delusion! If you spend most of your time just thinking about you, how you feel, what you think, what you want, The truth is that you will successfully drive everyone away and most likely end up with just yourself to think about! Not only is that not wise but it certainly is not the recipe for true deep ‘down in your gut happiness!” I wonder what state our world be in if we all decided to focus on finding someone to bless, and doing something to put a smile on someone’s else’s face for a change?